Sunday, December 12, 2010

The buffet from the driveway

So, I am driving my kids to preschool the other day and I see this piece of furniture at the end of someone's driveway that really catches my eye!  I slam on the breaks, I reverse and I inspect from my car!  Then I call The Hubs!
I then move on with the rest of my day and I forget about that lovely piece of furniture...until I see it sitting in my garage the very next morning!  Apparently it caught The Hubs' eye too!

Problem #1 - it must have been sitting in someones garage for a while b/c boy did it wreak of must and mold!  Did you know that if you put a bowl or baking soda or ground coffee in each drawer and cabinet overnight it will greatly reduce the mustly smell in old furniture??????  Crazy Cool!  So, I started out with baking soda...didn't quite do the trick!  So, I tried the coffee and it got better!  But, the key was cleaning the piece from head to toe, inside and out with Murphy's Oil Soap!  Stanky, Musty Smell - 0, Annie - 1  WooHoo!

So the piece is obviously meant to be a buffet in a dining room.  But, I had other plans for it!  I thought it would be a great table for our flat screen tv.  So, in it came and there she is!  How come we always refer to furniture as a she?  Maybe its because its pretty! :0)

I am very happy with her and the layout...for now!  I think its solid wood, maybe a veneer on the outside, maybe not?  The drawers need a little help sliding, but that's fixable!

Problem #2 - I can't decide what to do about the finish?  It doesn't really match the style of my country /barn wood tables in the rest of the room.  Do I refinish her or paint her?  I am thinking I'll start with the hardware and paint those either black or ORB.  Any thoughts?  Please share!

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