Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our GREEN Christmas Tree

So, every year The Hubs insists on buying a ball tree.  The first few years I thought it was great!  We planted one in honor of each of our children.  Such a special memory that we will always have, right!  Well now we are on year 5 and my thought is - Where are we planting this one?  We live on just over an acre of land...there is only so much room for evergreen trees.As usual, I gave in and we went out on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.   We wandered the fields of gorgeous green trees in search of the perfect tree.  We LOVE Concolor trees!  Christmas  (Click to read about Concolor trees)  They have great big, long beautiful needles, they are really full and they have a gorgeous blue tint!  Best of all - they fill your house with the smell of orange citrus!  The first year we bought one we fell in love!  S0, on our quest for the perfect tree we realized that we had a very limited selection.  On the entire 10 acres of trees we had to choose from only 20 of the trees were Concolors and 17 of them were already tagged!  OMG - how early do people go out and pick their trees??!?!? We found one and I was very hesitant!  The problem with getting a ball tree is that you can't get a tall three b/c you lose 2 feet of space at the bottom for the ball!

We let Little Man tag the tree and we came home empty handed and with an empty truck!  Very dissatisfying!  We waited almost 2 weeks because of rain and finally picked up our tree on Thursday!  I couldn't stand the anticipation - waiting impatiently for that luscious citrus scent to permeate the halls and fill my house with holiday cheer!  The Hubs had to use a dolly to get that massive ball in the house.  But, she fit perfectly in her spot (in fact, we could have gone a bit taller - BOOO).  

Lots of room underneath for LOTS of presents!

We knew she needed a little something.  So we added some fresh cranberries that the Hubs and little man strung.  And then the Hubs added some white ribbon (honestly its drywall tape)!  Very creative!  

Love my star!  Very AU~Natural! 

I am happy with the way she turned out.  Very simple, but cozy!  And, she'll be much prettier when the presents hide that cord - ARGH!

PS - A Concolor only gives off the citrus scent when its CUT!  Big huge BOO!  

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