Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Cozy Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time of year.  It seems like all I need to do is put on "Sounds of the Seasons" on our tv and I immediately cheer up!  Everything looks brighter and everyone seems happier!  Its the season to have parties, celebrate family and shower your loved ones with that you've spent hours shopping that you put in your Amazon cart and took out, only to put them back in again.  

It's the time of year to shop for the dreaded Pollyanna!  Do you do a Pollyanna in your family?  My family does a Girl and Boy Pollyanna.  It's so much fun once you get there...but its so much stress to find the perfect gift!  I still haven't bought mine for this year's party...and its this coming weekend!  Any suggestions?  I have $25 to spend...

So, decorating for Christmas is something my mom has instilled in me!  It's a precious time for me.  I turn the Christmas tunes on, grab myself a nice cup of tea or eggnog and I rome the house scattering my Christmas goodies, trinkets, candles and garb!  I move every object at least three times before it finds its perfect home for the month!  

This year was even more fun b/c its the first year I've had the house all to myself...meaning I decorate my house and my mom decorates her house!  I thought I felt pressure with the Mantel project!  

My Dollar Store sparkly stars!  Love them!
 Thrifty Decor Chick gave me the idea for the Dollar Store star - but I had no idea how much I'd love them!
The Princess's Santa

A gentle reminder on my Chalkboard
 Wish I knew I'd be a blogger - my chalkboard project was so much fun and so easy!  I'll have to do another one so I can show you...
Love my twine/berry balls from Christmas Tree Shoppe

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