Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowmen, A Buffet, and a Shelf - Oh MY!

One of my favorite projects my husband had done is my "green shelf".  We bought our shelf at Marstan's unfinished furniture.  The Hubs did this project all on his own.  He painted the shelf white, then added some crackle glaze and then covered it in sage green paint (don't know the exact color....sorry).  He roughed it up a bit, sanded the edges and finally rubbed some dark walnut stain to give it just a little more character!  We did this project about 3 years ago.

In our last house it was in our mud room and played a very special role - mittens and hats had a home and coats had a hook!  But, in our new house / mom's old house we don't have a mud room!  So, since Day 1 we've been on a quest to find the perfect place for the "green shelf"...and I think we found it!

We are using it above our tv for purely decorative purposes!  And, for Christmas my Jim Stone Snowmen have found a cozy home for all to admire!  Have you seen this super cute snowmen?  I started admiring them a few years ago when shopping in Macy's with The Hubs!  Lucky me - he bought me my first one for Christmas...and told my mom how much I loved them...and SO my collection began!  Since then both Hubs and moms have bought me something Jim Stone for Christmas     every year!  I love the designs and the patterns and all the colors...they are just so fun!
So - what do you think of the "green shelf" and its new home?  I think it fits...wish I had a place to use it for its real purpose...but for now it can be a decoration!

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