About Us

This is US!

We are a lively, energetic, non stop family!  Hubs and I always have a project of some sort going on and our kids are always bouncing off the walls! 
We have very expensive taste and very small wallets!  We are obsessed with our house!  We love to remodel, redo and redecorate..on the cheap!  We pick up other people's furniture on the curb, we shop Goodwill and we LOVE Craigslist!  We do all of our projects ourselves and we have lots of ideas and even more creativity!

Here's Our Story:

We purchased my mom's house about 3 years ago and built a mother in law addition to give my mom her own space.  It was a very long project and it took a toll on all of us!  We often questioned whether we were doing the right thing or not?  I found myself cleaning up dirty, muddy feet for way too many days!   
Luckily the final product is exactly what we wanted and we all felt like we could finally move on with the new life and new homes that we wanted!  Which meant Hubs and I had a lot of work to do.  Mom's house is as old as I am...somewhere in between 30-35 (;0)  It needed a lot of cosmetic work and a lot of internal fixing up!  

We started with the heating system and we upgraded from Oil heat to Geothermal Heat.  We installed a new Climate Master two zoned heating system.  

Next, we started painting...and we are still painting!  

Now we are just working our way through the house trying to transform it from being Mom's house to Our House!  So, join us on our journey, on our projects and Our Quest for Cozy!  Thanks!