Monday, February 7, 2011

My Recycled Wood Decor

You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"...well my hubby lives by that saying!  He loves to grab junk from random places...driveways, scraps from his school (junk yards...if they weren't locked down he'd be there all the time) and dumpsters!  He's an what should I expect, right?  Well usually his junk ends up turning into something great...usually!

Case in point...He's been collecting all these scraps of wood...junky, dirty, cruddy looking old wood!  I couldn't imagine what he was going to do with it???  Then last week I realized that I could turn those scraps of wood into some really great signs.  

One day when I was loafing around in blogland I stumbled upon the cutest wooden sign at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures and I was inspired to create wooden signage all around my house!  

To the scrap pile I went!  I grabbed my hubby's circular saw and cut the wood to the size I wanted.  I decided to start out easy...a name plate!

My last name...KORB.  And our marriage year!  I printed out "EST" and "2004" on my printer and cut it out with an exacto knife to make my own stencils.  I used some stencils I had laying around for decades to spell out KORB.

I grabbed some old paint we had and used a wet paper towel to rub paint lightly across the board!  This method of applying paint was so easy and so fantabulous! looked like it was white washed with red paint.  You can still see all the wood grains!  It's awesome... definitely my new FAV way to apply paint to wood to get that antiqued look!  

I applied all of the paint for the base and then painted the stencils with some leftover paint we had laying around.  The hubs suggested I sand the letters down a bit to rough them up so they didn't look so "NEW"...and boy was he right!  I used the palm sander and roughed up the entire surface of the board and got some great detail out of the grain and really created that antiqued look!  I roughed up the edges and VOILA!!!!!

I am so happy with the way sign number one turned out!  

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