Thursday, February 10, 2011

A VERY Creative Wreath

Well, you've wandered over here either because your curiosity has gotten the best of think you know just what the Hubs made this wreath out of?

What do ya think?  

Can you believe that its made out of butcher paper...a big old roll of brown paper!  Yep, the same stuff that makes brown paper shopping bags!  Isn't the Hubs just the cleverist little thing!?!!?  I wanted to make myself a coffee filter wreath and he thought he'd save me the time by making me this crazy wreath!  

He took a super long piece (8 feet or so) of brown paper from a roll we keep for the kids to draw on.  He twisted the roll and wrapped it around itself...unfortunately he did it so quickly and without my knowledge I couldn't capture any photos.  Hopefully I can talk him into demonstrating for me again and I'll snap a few shots.  

I thought his creativity deserved a cute little black bow and a display spot!  So, this little ditty is hanging on the door that leads to the basement.  

Creativity at its best, I'd say!   I am trying to think of some other ways to embellish this little wreath...any suggestions?

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