Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Old Barn Door

Remember I told you about my hubby's love for another man's trash?!?!  Well, here's another example!  A couple of years ago my hubby showed up with this rather large, rather beat up looking barn door.  I thought it was super cool...but what the heck where we going to do with it?  

I googled, "old barn door decor" and saw lots of great ideas.  Are you like me...I google everything!  Literally everything!  I actually type in questions like, "What's for dinner tonight?" or "How to organize my refrigerator?" or "What color to paint my living room?"  Ha Ha Ha!  Lots of times I'll switch my search to an image search and I get really great ideas fast!  I don't have to click on the site, I can just peruse the thumbnails!  You should try it sometime!  

I digress...so back to the barn door!  So, when we started to redo our dining room (more on that later) and our decor started to go totally rustic I thought this is where we need to use that old barn door!  We mounted the door on the wall.  We didn't do anything to change or fix up the door except vacuum out the cob webs and add an extra hinge for some support on the door.  

Here is the door mounted on the wall (with a little sneak peak at the next project).  She really is beautiful all by herself...but I needed to do something to dress her up a bit! 

So - last weekend I threw together a cute little coffee filter wreath!  More on that later, but here she is with her knew jewelry!  

We are getting there!  But the best part, at least in my humble opinion, is the inside of the door!

I really wanted to be able to prop the door open so that we could see the great design on the interior of the door...its what you think of when you hear barn door!  The good old criss cross of wood...

Enter Problem Number 1...if the door is propped open that what I am going to do with the blank wall that will appear in the opening?  HMMMMM...UMMMMM...CHALKBOARD!!!!!!

I LOVE Chalkboards!!!!  I made this little ditty last year for the dining room!

So, I knew what I had to do and I set about my task of creating a chalboard for the inside of the barn door!  

I grabbed a piece of particle board from the garage (actually the Hubs went on that search for me) and he primed it for me.  I applied a billion coats of chalkboard paint (I used Valspar, didn't smell TOO bad).  We sanded in between each coat and I say we because we kinda took turns with the coats! 

24 hours later we had us a cool chalkboard and up she went!  

Here she is...

We always count down till a special event by the number of sleeps we have left!  The kiddies seem to understand that much better than days for some reason!  

I think my old barn door totally could be classified as FUNKY JUNK!  
So, I am linking to Funky Junk Interiors Copy Me Challenge!  

Copy Me Challenge

What do you think???  


  1. That is the coolest door ever! And I LOVE the fact that you flipped it into a useful piece. The chalkboard is GENIUS. Love this! I want one. :)


  2. Thanks so much Donna...what a compliment coming from you!


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